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Hamoffy: Where Cincinnati's Floors Meet Elegance.




815 Elm St,
Cincinnati Ohio 45202
United States


(283) 200-2218


Hamoffy is a carpet installation company located in the heart of Cincinnati. As Cincinnati's top-rated Carpet Installer service, we pride ourselves on marrying skill with aesthetics, ensuring every carpet we lay down is a testament to quality and craftsmanship. Our process is meticulous, from understanding the unique needs of each space to the final installation, ensuring your floor stands out in both durability and beauty. Our team is equipped with the industry's best tools, including the Tack Strip Cutter, Seam Cutter, Wall Trimmer, Stair Tool, and Seam Iron, which translate to a flawless fit every time. We understand that carpet installation is more than just laying down a piece of fabric; it's about transforming spaces, making homes cozier, and offices more professional. With Hamoffy, you're not just getting a service; you're investing in expertise honed over years in the vibrant city of Cincinnati. Hamoffy will serve you whether you live in the heart of Downtown Cincinnati or the historic Over-the-Rhine area, or any of Cincinnati's picturesque neighborhoods. Our extensive portfolio speaks of countless satisfied homeowners and businesses, making us the trusted name in carpet installation across Cincinnati. Dive into an elegant world where quality and elegance meet. Choose Hamoffy, Cincinnati's carpet installation maestro.


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